The Pros of Writing Science Fiction

Science fiction is one of the most creative genres in literature. Under this genre, you can write about almost anything – from adventures in faraway galaxies to the underwater worlds and everything in between.  In science fiction, the otherworldly and sometimes unimaginable things are tackled. This is exactly what author Len Stage loves about science fiction. His recently published book entitled The Brotherhood of the Wone is a fascinating read containing many elements of science fiction.

Like Len Stage, there are plenty of other science fiction authors in literature. Arguably, science fiction seems to be increasingly dominating the book industry. More and more readers are now inclined to read science fiction; and similarly, more and more authors are now convinced to write it. To be clear, science fiction has been around for quite a long time already. The first known science fiction novel had been written in as early as the 18th century. It is the ever popular Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

If you are looking for some more reasons to be a science fiction author like Len Stage and Mary Shelley, then you are on the right page! Below are some of the pros of writing science fiction.

Your imagination is limitless

As previously stated, you can write about almost anything under science fiction – from adventures in faraway planets where aliens rule the galaxy, to the underwater worlds where mermaids and mermen exist! Everything that the mind can imagine can be written in science fiction. Indeed, your imagination has no limits here. There is nothing your mind can conceive that cannot be expressed in a science fiction narrative.

However, you sometimes need to be careful not become overly reliant on your imagination as to break the boundaries between science fiction and fantasy. To be clear, although the elements of the two genres often overlap each other, there is actually a significant difference between them. While fantasy has no grounding in reality and involves elements that are impossible in real life, science fiction is grounded in science and technology and involves possible elements. To make it easier, just look at science fiction as a combination of imagination and reality.

You have so much creative freedom

The most graceful style of writing is not required in science fiction. You can entirely write your story in your own language. You can even come up with your own words and concepts and coin your own terms. This has been done by a number of science fiction authors already. The term ‘time machine’ for example was first heard and read in the 1895 novel by science fiction author H.G. Wells entitled The Time Machine. Here, H.G. Wells also casually mentioned about ‘time travelers’ and ‘time traveling’, and since then, these concepts have been commonplace not just in science fiction, but even in science as well.

An important thing to keep in mind though when writing science fiction is that you need to keep your language as simple as possible, even if the idea you are trying to depict is complex. Remember, people read science fiction because they want to have fun and be amused. Now, having to decipher a new alien language or special jargon just to understand your story may not be fun at all.

You can tackle societal issues

Science fiction is not just about aliens, mermaids, time travel, and more. Here, you can also write about deep and philosophical stuff, and even tackle societal issues. For example, issues on technological advancement such as the possible takeover of robots and the impending destruction of the planet are commonly emphasized in numerous science fiction novels. These and all the other issues in the society today are tackled in length in science fiction because there is no better place to explore them than in this genre.

However, a word of caution: when writing a science fiction story based on societal issues, try as much as possible not get preachy. No one likes to read a condescending smart-ass. Besides, science fiction is called fiction for a reason. It is far different from an academic book so there is absolutely no reason for you to lecture the readers.

On the whole, science fiction is fun to read and write! Although it often requires loads of work, writing science fiction offers so much freedom for you to be imaginative, creative, and sensible. If you want to learn more about this genre, go and check out the works of some of the best science fiction authors out there, including Len Stage, Mary Shelley, and H.G. Wells.


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