The Keys to Writing a Good Science Fiction Story

Science fiction is an increasingly popular genre in literature. More and more readers are now hooked to science fiction stories because of the great amount of creativity and imagination that these stories possess. Science fiction, in essence, is a literary genre that anchors on science and technology. It is a kind of speculative fiction that deals with the imaginative, futuristic, and scientific concepts such as extraterrestrial life, time travel, space exploration, robots, apocalypse, and more.

The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage is a great example of a science fiction story. It is a riveting tale about a handyman named Lon who is approached by a daughter of a town museum curator named Jean to be the fix-it man on a trip to Belize. During this trip, Jean discovers a strange piece of a Mayan priest’s robe, a discovery that opens doors to numerous other discoveries that can change their lives forever. As the story progresses, The Brotherhood of the Wone unravels many interesting elements that does not only spice up the story, but also has the potential to challenge the perspectives of the readers.

Like The Brotherhood of the Wone, there are plenty of other great science fiction stories out there! Indeed, an increasing number of authors are now being hooked to this genre as well. If you are an aspiring author who wishes to write a compelling science fiction story, then this article is perfect for you. Below are some of the key points that you need to remember when writing a good science fiction story.

Fill your story with mind-blowing ideas

Compared to any other genre in literature, science fiction provides a platform for exploring a wide range of ideas, from the possibility of time travel to predictions of the apocalypse. In science fiction, you can write about almost anything without sounding ridiculous. To put it differently, science fiction is where you can write about the most absurd of the absurdities. You have so much literary freedom in this genre, so do not waste such freedom by limiting your ideas according to what you think can be acceptable to people. To make your science fiction story good and outstanding, you need to make it unique – and to do this, you must fill your story with ideas that will surely blow the minds of your readers.

Create a fascinating world

Science fiction has the ability to make its readers reimagine the real world into a more interesting one. Ultimately, a fascinating world is at the heart of a good science fiction story. To write a compelling story in this genre, you need to invent and create a completely engrossing world. This means that your story should be set in a world that do not just stimulate the imagination of the readers, but also absorbs them mentally and emotionally. The intricately envisioned details of your world should be able to make the readers think, feel, and imagine. With that being said, however, your story still needs to reflect the real world in one way or another to make it easily relatable.

Make sure your storytelling is great

A great storytelling is important in creating not just a science fiction story, but any other stories in literature. Aside from ideas, concepts, and themes, the quality of story telling is also essential in determining the goodness of a story. In writing science fiction, particularly, storytelling plays a vital role in achieving the ultimate purpose of a story – to stimulate imagination and make readers think. To tell your science fiction story in a great and remarkable way, you need to lay down your ideas in an organized way. Do not confuse the readers by throwing ideas, plots, and subplots randomly. Your readers need to understand what your story is all about to get a good grasp of your main point. You can experiment in your story all you want, but remember, never try so hard to be creative and unique at the expense of clarity and organization.

Overall, writing a good science fiction story is no piece of cake, but it is also not that elusive. Writing a science fiction story, just like writing any other literary genre, requires a great amount of time, effort, and patience. You cannot write a good science fiction overnight. You need to practice, practice, and practice. Read a number of stories in the genre like The Brotherhood of the Wone and get some inspiration from them. Follow the basic pieces of advice mentioned in this article. Most importantly, be patient – a good story requires a great amount of patience to write.

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