Book summary

This is a story about a handyman who lived in a

small town and was in just the right place when

destiny came knocking on his door his door. Lon

looked to be little more than a handyman, a bit

complex as complex goes. He is smart but a little

stubborn; he is compassionate but selective about

who he is compassionate to. He is defiantly creative

but didn’t always think things all the way through

before taking action.

He is loyal to his friends, family, and

country—sometimes to a fault. He is well liked by

almost everyone and always returns the affection.

Lon is defiantly the man you would appreciate

having around in a tight spot. He is trained in

mechanics and electronics and is also an

ambulance technician. Most of the people he would

soon be working with were his classmates.

Lon was approached by Jean Conway to be the

fix-it man on a trip to Belize that she was planning

to take. Jean was the daughter of the little town’s

museum curators/owners. She had found a strange

piece of a Mayan priest’s robe from Belize, which

she—nor anyone else, for that matter—could not

make any sense of. Jean was well connected in the

field of archeology, so was her husband Bill. She

had no idea that she was about to discover one of

the greatest forces on this or any other planet, a

source that had been dormant for centuries. There

will come a time when she will be afraid for

everyone’s life and regret her involvement.

The Wone will change their lives forever. Will it

change yours?

Excerpt 1:

Jean knew quite a bit about the Mayans and their religious practices. She said that judging from all the secrecy, deception, and the lack of any other references, those there were very important tombs indeed. As near as she could tell, they were the tombs of their most powerful priests. The only one who would know the location of the tombs was the next priest to take power.

Excerpt 2:

I was invited along because of my great personality—Not! Actually, I’m going with the expedition because I can fix almost anything that’s broken, even people.

Excerpt 3:

Jean studied that map and the hieroglyphics every night. Tonight, she connected some of the ancient warship rituals together to form a complete ritual. She was trying to tell us something but she was so excited, we couldn’t understand her at all. She finally said what was making it so hard was that this particular piece of cloth was not just Mayan. It was a hybrid of Mayan, Aztec, and Toltec. That combination was impossible to translate, according to all recorded facts about these three ancient civilizations. They lived at different times and had many differences concerning their religions. They also spoke different languages. But here it was, the combination of all three tribes in one all-important religious practice.

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