Len Stage

I was one of many who grew up without a father. My mother

worked too hard her whole life to provide for us. I worked hard

to try and make up for what my father would have provided for

our family. We didn't have an easy life, or a lot of possessions,

but we had love for one another and others as well. And when

you come right down to it, I would have rather grown up that

way than any other way. This taught me what life was and was


I enjoy sharing a conversation with just about anyone. I am

married with a wife and three kids. I currently live in North

Idaho near where I was born. Science fiction has always been a

subject of immense please for me. My inspiration for this book

was from a short story written by my youngest son when he

was little. I had been dreaming of finishing the book for a long

time. But here it is; finally written down and complete. If not for

anything else, I hope you enjoy my work that never had the

opportunity to be realized and given life until now.

I also have several more books and concepts that I have

entertained for quite some time. I look forward to sharing them

with you in time.

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