5 Reasons Why Science Fiction is an All-time Favorite Genre

Science fiction, in literature, is defined as a category of speculative fiction that commonly showcases futuristic and extraordinary ideas, like space exploration, technological advancement, aliens, and more. In the platform of film, on the other hand, science fiction is referred to as the genre that utilizes imaginary and fictional science and technological-based portrayal of events that are not totally accepted by the integrating science. Regardless of what avenue it is, science fiction is truly one of the genres that have made it to the to-be-read and must-watch lists of every patrons.

There are various subcategories of science fiction, such as the hard sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, alien invasion, dystopia, utopia, artificial intelligence, and more. In the realm of literature, there are a handful of sci-fi novels written by brilliant authors that are being put to shelves by readers. Examples of these novels are the following: Dune by Frank Herbert; The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage; The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells; and more. However, if we turn to the avenue of film, there are also great sci-fi movies and series that have been produced. Examples of the said movies are Star Trek, Maze Runner, Star Wars, Arrival, The Martian, and more.

Thus, in both corners of film and literature, science fiction is always one of those widely patronized genre. Every book lover and movie enthusiast have a soft spot for sci-fi. For better understanding, here are five reasons that would elaborate why science fiction is one of the best genres:

It brings a new dish to the table

Romance, comedy, adventure, thriller, horror, and any other genre — excluding science fiction, have already presented their aces to the audience. The elements of their stories and films are, somehow, have been predicted by the public for they have seen a couple of film or have read a handful of story of the aforementioned genres. Science fiction, on the other hand, offers different elements. The use of artificial intelligence, alternate universes, and technology in general has changed the game of literature and film. It makes its patron and even non-science fiction fans get excited for there are new types of characters and other elements that are being mixed in the plot. The other amazing thing about this genre is that it all offer plenty of new ingredients but it does not take away the romance, action, and ice breaker scenes.

It stirs up your imagination

Reading or watching sci-fi works can be a good brain exercise because it helps you imagine wonderful things that may amazingly influence your way of life. The out of this world elements that sci-fi offers are one of the primary agents that spark up one’s imagination. In the real world, there is no such thing as extraterrestrial creatures or time travelling; but in the world of fiction, they all exist and that what make your imagination out in the works.

It makes you wish you’re a part of their world

Imagine how cool it is when you become a jedi like in Star Wars or you turn out to be one of the runners in The Maze Runner? That said, being one of the patrons of the films and novels of this genre can definitely make you wish you are part of their extraordinary and fictional worlds. From the awesome characters — like Princess Leia, Doctor Who, Captain James D Kirk, and more, to the amazing technological features — telepathy, telekinesis, time travel, mind control, and more, who would not desire to be one of them? The only thing that you can do as of the moment is to read, watch, and imagine.

It showcases amazing advanced technology

The perks of being in a sci-fi movie or book is that you get to experience using an advanced gadgets. However, you can only use them in your imagination for almost all of them are fictional and beyond your reach. The gadgets that you are currently owning today can be a little too old in these fictional stories. Although technology in the real world is also progressing, the inventions in these tales are way more intense and perfect. Examples of these inventions are holograms, bionic hands, battle droids, cloaking devices, and more.

It tackles real-life issues

Every literary and film masterpiece depicts real-life problems. These issues may be hidden in different parts of the plots, but the thing in science fiction is that these concerns are being shown in a different way that people would not see coming. Space explorations, time travelling, dystopian worlds, and any other types of sci-fi — who would have thought that these out of this world concepts are dealing with societal or real-life problems? Take for example both the book and movie adaptation of Divergent by Veronica Roth. Their fictional world, Chicago, is consists of five factions with five different virtues — Abnegation the selfless, Erudite the intelligent, Dauntless the brave, Candor the honest, and Amity the kind. The only thing that shook their world upside down is the Erudite’s, and other influenced factions’, fear of divergence. That is why they started killing the Divergents, those people who do not conform in one of the factions. These things also happened in reality where non-conformity is treated as rebellion or other forms of resistance.






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