The Brotherhood of the Wone is an fascinating tale of an

archaeological discovery that unleashes unpredicted powers

on the world. It follows Lon, a small-town handyman, and his

new acquaintances as this seemingly subtle discovery changes

their lives forever.

Lon was approached by Jean Conway, a daughter of a town

museum owner/curator, to be the fix-it man on a trip to Belize

she was planning to take. She found a strange piece of a Mayan

priest’s robe from Belize, which she nor anyone else, for that

matter, couldn’t make any sense of. Jean had no idea that she

was about to discover one of the greatest forces on this or any

other planet, a source that had been dormant for centuries.

There will come a time when she will be afraid for everyone’s

life and regret her involvement.

The Wone will change their lives forever. Will it change readers’

lives too?

About the author

Len Stage is a husband and father of three. He
lives in Naples, Idaho.

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